Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtlenecks. Or, a neck sweater for a turtle, if you're Jared DeWhite. (Old school Christian homeschool ghetto inside joke there. If you don't get it, you had a deprived childhood.)
Turtlenecks. I can't live without them in the winter. I either need one of those, or a scarf, or both. I don't wear them for show, I'm one of those people whose necks actually do get cold.

Oh Macros. Never change.

I had one like this a million years ago. I miss it.

A beautiful Anthro turtleneck from last years fall collection.

Oh James Dean you so fine. In that turtleneck. Or out of it. Either one.

Who is this fine man in this fine turtleneck? Why it's David Duchovny.

Lookie here at James Mcavoy in such a nice sweater.

Hey hey hey Johnny Depp.

Okay, wait a minute. How did this turn into a spam of pretty men? I must have no self control. But seriously, someone needs to pass a law declaring that all men must own one.

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vintagegurl92 said...

James Mcavoy= purdy perfectness. The sweater he is wearing is completely British!
Be still my heart!