Sunday, October 25, 2009


I don't really like pastries and stuff. But donuts? Oh dude. I just can't resist.

Sometimes we make those fake donuts by deep frying biscuit dough and then rolling it in powdered sugar.

Then there are the old standby donuts.

And those delicious glazed cakey donuts, like pumpkin and blueberry.

And of course, classic melt-in-your-mouth glazed.

One that I think isn't respected nearly enough are those long twisty ones.

My personal favorite is a chocolate donut covered in coconut, from Dunkin Donuts. OMG LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY HALE YEAH.

Imma listening to the Fray and being very happy cause my paper was quite painless to write for once. Also, listen to what I found out. In May of 1996 X-Files fans coined the phrase "ship" in regards to Mulder and Scully on a X-Files forum. X-Files fans were the first to have fan forums, fansites and were pioneers in fanfics and fanvidding. I also found out that in spring 2002, Smallville fans first combined the names of a ship in a portmanteau, e.g. Clex and Chark. Later Buffy followed suite, and although it was LOST, with their Jate and Skate, which put "Name Swooshing" on the fandom map so-to-speak, Smallville fans did it first. I am proud to be a member of such epic fandoms. *sheds a tear*

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That DD donut looks AMAZING!!!!