Saturday, October 17, 2009


Tintin was my first ever comic book/graphic novel experience. Explorer magazine, the best children's magazine EVER, which was only in publication for two or so years, had Titan in the back of each issue. We own two volumes, and I've read almost all of them.

This is Tintin himself, and his faithful dog, Snowy. I spend a good two years of my life in love with Tintin.

This is the cast. All totally awesome.

This is my favorite Tintin book.

Random pretty drawing from Red Rackhman's Treasure.

In the end I didn't go to Comic-Con. I'm sorta sad. But it would have just been me and I didn't want to go alone. (Idk why none of my friends loved me enough to drop all their previous commitments and spend money they didn't have just to make me happy gosh.) Anyway.


Anonymous said...


Did you hear about the movie in 2010? Steven Spielberg is making it. Very exciting.
And i just have to brag...I read ALL of the Tintin!

Sabe said...

blah no you haven't you haven't read the out-of-print ones!!

Anonymous said...

Which ones?

donna o said...

And remember Meg, you CANNOT steal Joshua's very cool Tin Tin shirt! One of the local libraries had many Tin Tin books and we own several---ok Ryan OWNS several of them :0)!