Wednesday, October 28, 2009

di immortales!

I've been wanting to do a Percy Jackson post for a week now, but I needed good pictures! Lo and behold, one of my favorite fan artists does Percy Jackson art! I'm very fond of her Twilight stuff, and her Harry Potter art is Magnificent and Brilliant (although she has the habit of dressing all the characters like Cali beach bums.) But that is irrelevant at the moment, because she's got Annabeth and Percy spot on, and also because Percy and Annabeth do dress like beach bums.
(Click to see the images full-size, cause they be mad pretty!)

"All Grown Up" Please note the kickass matching gray streaks. I hope they're mentioned again.

"Grover cradled his laurel sapling in his hands. 'Well... sure good to be together again. Arguing. Almost dying. Abject terror. Oh, look. It's our floor.'" -The Last Olympian

"The Stoll Brothers" We're all just a bit in love with them I think. The twin sons of Hermes.

"Are You Serious?" You all KNOW that this is just the norm of Percy and Annabeth's relationship. He'll make a remark he thinks is all clever and knee-slap worthy (usually is, come to think of it), and Annabeth will react by calling him seaweed brain. Or something.

Poseidon, according to Rick Riodan, who, come to think of it, is never wrong.

Demigod love! It's the perfect representation of Percabeth. All geared up and ready for the fight... or to make out.

If you're not already in love with them, then you have a serious problem.
Today holds little joy for me. School (and an essay), laundry, cleaning and vacuuming, rain... But if my books get to the library today, I'm going to quit life for a while to read. Graveyard Book, Forest Born and The Last Olympian? A little too much awesome right there.


Anonymous said...

I can honestly say, that i have never heard of this book! But you make it seem very interesting and i have half a mind to go and get it from the library today!

Sabe said...

lol yay good awesome! that was my intention!

also have you read shannon hale's books?

Anonymous said...

Some. I really wasnt a fan.