Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 Step Program

Last night I was like freaking out, cause today was my PSAT. Which isn't even that important, but I always freak out before tests as a general rule. This morning instead of studying, I did stuff to make me feel happy/distract me, which helped I think.

1: Take a really long and really hot shower. This will calm you, and give you some private time, if you feel like you might need to cry or scream or faint.

2: Large coffee. Some people say caffeine before a test is bad. I say they are stupid. I keeps you motivated, and wards away headaches. So really, coffee is the best thing. Tea is also good, but it makes you sort of sleepy and calm. Something you don't want to be.

3: Listen to a lot of Cobra Starship. This will energize you. This will bring fond memories of last summer to your mind. This is get stuck in your head and it's positive energy will stick with you all day.

4: Boss everyone around. This will give you a sense of control about your situation. Your family may get annoyed at you, but try and remember, you are in control. Then boss them around some more.

5: Read lost of spoilers about your favorite tv shows. This will distract you from the problem at hand. If it is a good spoiler, you will get excited about. If it is a bad spoiler, you will be so angry and worried you will completely forget about that so called "important test." You will be too busy flipping out.

So I think I did okay. Sort of. Maybe. I need to go watch some tv and make a toaster strudel.


Anonymous said...

Everything you do/did seems logical. I usually hid in my bed, don't eat, and stress out before a test! I think that i will try your way next time :)

Sabe said...

yes, it's very efficient i think. :)