Friday, September 10, 2010

A ~girly~ tag

Why have I felt so girly lately? Like I wanna run around with roses in my hair and eat Nutella on a bagel and wear sundresses and plaster my wall with pictures of nature.

favorite artist:
I do not know is this is musician or art artist. So I'll do it twice. Favorite musician is Sufjan Stevens.

favorite artist:
For art artist... Paul Klee. (Followed closely by Lichtenstein and Hopper.)

favorite poem:
I don't have one? So many of them are REALLY sad. So here is a poem my sister posted on her Tumblr that is really sweet and not sad. Breakfast Song by Elizabeth Bishop. I have this weird thing for sunny domesticity.

favorite era:
Other then the the 1180's and the 1770's I think 1890-1930. Yeah.

favorite tumblr: And the weird thing is one of my friends knows this girl IRL and I didn't even know.

favorite instrument:
OBOES. I love wind instruments. And pianos. And bass guitars.

favorite flower:
I love coffee colored roses so much.

favorite scent:
The autumnal smell of rain and decay. Le sigh.

favorite country:
CANADA. I have a dream of moving up there to a little cabin, completely undisturbed. I'll make coffee cakes every morning and write books and paint with oils. I'll have two cats (Dana and Dorian) and a big dog (Fitzgerald) and a tank of goldfish.

Happy 17th birthday X-Files! You are just a few months younger than me.
Life is dragging today, I feel like staying awake is a very conscience effort on my part.

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