Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Meme

Cause it's only like a month and four days away....

What was your first halloween costume?
One and only, first and last, Olivia Dunham. I look enough like her and her wardrobe is SIMPLE.

When was the last time you went trick-or-treating?
Try never. I'm way too old now and we never did when I was a child. Somehow I always get a bunch of candy though...

M&Ms or Skittles?
Come on, m&ms duh!

What would you love to be?
Sikozu Shanu of Farscape.

Berry or Tropical Flavors?
This is hard... berry.

Sour or Sweet?
Sour obviously... Sour Patch is a god among candy.

Ghosts or Vampires?
Ghosts can be underwhelming but I've got this soft spot for Victorian-haunted-house-ghosts.

White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate?
White chocolate is the best chocolate

What is your biggest pet peeve about trick-or-treaters?
The sixteen-year-old girls who wear skimpy lame costumes and expect candy.

Chocolate-covered Raisins or Peanuts?
Peanuts because I don't like raisins ever.

Bubble gum or lollipops?
I'm a gum chewer at heart.

Zombies or Aliens?
Do you know me at all? Aliens till the end of time.

I wish there was something to look forward to on Monday nights... idk. Monday is seriously anti-climactic.

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Anonymous said...

"Zombies or Aliens?
Do you know me at all? Aliens till the end of time."

This made me laugh :D

And I have to agree with the Victorian ghost...they are the most mysterious and scary.