Monday, September 6, 2010

Keira Knightley: Discuss

She is one of those love-or-hate actresses. Like Emma Watson or Zooey Desch. I happen to love her. She has a different face and body and she rocks it.

This is probably my favorite Oscar look ever, the end.

She's the perfect Chanel face.

I love that she's never said anything bad about the Pirates movies. I always lose respect for actors who dis films they were in.

Her "real" fashion sense, when not modeling or appearing on the red carpet is also really classy.

She looks so cute with her hair like this!

This is my favorite Keira picture.

She has this, excuse the phrase, natural beauty.

Last horrah of summer today, a picnic with the family and horse back riding with the cousins. ♥ But honestly I am happy to get back to school. I feel brain dead.


Anonymous said...

Keira= <3
I actually have a poster of her hanging up in my dorm! See:
I wanted to let you know that despite my busy schedule I still make time to read your blog EVERY day :D
Miss you doll!

guitargirl said...

I think she's uber pretty and classy. My best friend hates her though. :/