Saturday, September 4, 2010

Movies make you feel.

What movies make you feel:

1) Angry. Batman Begins. OH THIS MOVIE. Ugh, I hated it... I watched it twice and was so bored. See, the first time I saw it was at a sleepover so I thought I only hated it cause I was dead tired but it was no better the second time. That movie was disrespectful to the great name of Batman. WHO HIRED BALE FOR THAT PART? And the plot made nooo sense really.

2) Frightened. I have never been scared by a movie in my life. I've been scared by three things. Gender Bender, an X-Files episode, The Empty Child, a Doctor Who episode, and this random Star Trek episode with worms when I was like seven...

3) Sad. The Prestige. As much as I love this movie, it always hurts a bit to watch. I don't even really like any of the characters! And the movie is totally worth watching for the sci-fi, steampunk, uberbeauty but I am not fond of watching helpless, crazy people ruin each others lives.

4) Happy. The Fifth Element. This movie had no plot or rhyme or reason. It was beautiful, colorful people running about being excited about things. It was like Farscape but a movie!! Science fiction at its epicest.

5) Lonely. The Village. Even though it's really about the power of love, etc, etc, it's still very lonely. Even though Ivy and Lucius are both alive and well... it's still lonely. I think it's mainly the setting, music, atmosphere, and art direction. It's really a gorgeous film.

6) Hopeful. Scott Pilgrim vs the World. This movie is going to stay with me for a long time. I feel like it will probably be my inspiration all this year. Because even if college is hard or I hate my job or I grow up and the world would think of me as a sad little loser... there is HOPE! You can be awesome for yourself, just be self confident! I mean, just look at Todd!

Lovely day with the Dooley family today! Lots of meat and fresh air. Ladeda.

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