Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evil Girly Post

I thought I'd do something gloriously horrific and teenagegirlish and make a ~*~favorite kisses~*~ post!! I am not even sure if I should post this due to shame. But let's be honest. We all have this list somewhere in our brains. ;)

Thornton and Margaret, North and South.
One of the more ~romantic~ kisses ever. My whole family gathers round when this scene comes.

Sawyer and Kate, The Glass Ballerina.
This remains the best kiss ever filmed. Apart from Lost and the shipping wars it has this eternal quality.

Johnny and Penelope, Penelope.
This wins the award for cutest kiss ever. I love the circular way it was filmed.

Clark and Lois, Crossfire.
This scene was just so Superman!! It has an comicbook kind of grandeur.

Mulder and Scully, I Want to Believe.
I love this one because it's the culmination of sixteen years together. How many kisses have that much time behind them?

Will and Elizabeth, At World's End.
Like the Penelope one, I just love circular kiss shots! Also it's during an epic rainy sea battle!!

I had mac'n'cheese for lunch which is a king among lunches. School. Lots of school.


Anonymous said...

Johnny and Penelope wins hands down!

Brittany Ann said...

um. My Skate-love is kind of making my heart hurt now. ouch. That was an AMAZING kiss. :') whyyy Jate whyyyy....???