Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anthem for a seventeen-year-old

I really am loving being 17. It's a rather orderly age. I feel much more together than 16. But when I turn 18 the whole cycle will begin again cause I'll be a baby adult instead of a grown-up teenager. So basically I like being 17 a lot. Here are some random awesome 17-year-olds.

Rachel Seybolt. Actually, Rachel is not like the average 17-year-old. Her family is dead, she was raised by a crazy pastor and then moved in with her father's best friend, Charlie, who'd been put in jail for her father's murder. Complicated.

Cassandra Mortmain. She is, in a way, the quintessential 17-year-old. I Capture the Castle is her diary and it's amazing how 17 is 17, whether in 1920 or 2010.

Kitty Bennet. Life is hard for Kitty. Her younger sister keeps showing her up, her older sister is a bore and her much-older sisters are married to freakin'-rich-hotties. Poor dear.

Jules Paxton. I just really like this movie. One thing that is obviously important about a modern 17-year-olds life is their search for a college or job or whatever. Basically 17-year-olds have to worry about the future for the first time.

Knives Chau. Poor Knives is very 17. She is like the outward manifestation of the feeling that all 17-year-olds who run in older circles have. She is well liked, but just a bit left out.

Jenny Millar. One of my favorite things about An Education was how well Carey played the age. There is a really distinct 17-year-old emotion that she captured.

True Girl is finished. I finished a first draft of my story. The X-Files are finished. Farscape is finished. My friends are back in college and therefore my fun is finished. I finished my money too, having fun with those friends. MY LIFE IS FINISHED. Okay no, but I am really bored and seriously looking forward to school giving me something to do other then staring at books and not actually reading them.

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guitargirl said...

18 wasn't bad for me. So don't sweat it too much. :) 19 on the other hand is... not fun.