Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school and other things

School is boring. But it is way better than being bored! And I was going crazy. Here are my main subjects this year.

History. I am doing World History. Which is cool, but I need to rewire by brain... I'm still in America!!!!!! mode. One day in. I'm already tired of stupid China.

Math. SAT prepping, still, cause I'm retaking the stupid thing. And Trig, but that's not till later this year.

English. I'm reading Young Werther right now, hahaha. He was the original Emo poet child.

German 3. It's scary! It's soo scary!!!! But I'm really exciting, I can't wait to do mad translations!

Science. I'm usually a science idiot but I'm bravely attacking Chem. Maybe I'm not actually a science idiot. Who knows.

In general... everything went better then I expected. (Amusing use of favorite internet meme is amusing.)

Tonight will most likely be boring. Since we finished the X-Files our evenings have decreased in quality. Ah well. Fringe in two weeks, so that's good I guess.

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Brittany Ann said...

World History is awesome though!! Because European history is the BEST. Seriously. Those kings and queens and revolutionaries and middle class folks are such BAMFs.

OH GAWD math and science!!! GUHH. I hope you enjoy them though!

And your passion for German makes me want to get back to studying Japanese.