Monday, September 13, 2010

Fears and Phobias

So, what am I afraid of?? I can think of four. But I do not have any great fear, or at least I do not thing so. I should confront a Boggart.

Fires. I love fire on a small level. I'm never scared of candles or fireplaces or anything. But houses-burning-down fires have always been a fear of mine. I was really happy when I found out that entire apartment buildings do not burn down.

Being alone in a subway car. THIS IS A VERY SENSIBLE FEAR. Also I can never be in the front car cause then if we crash I am the first to die.

Cockroaches. I do not have a fear of bugs in general. I am okay with worms and spiders and stuff. But the cockroach is just this whole new level of gross. I think it's just a childhood hang up- before we adopted our cat our house was plagued by them. Okay, I didn't see them everyday or anything, but enough that they permanently damaged my psych.

People climbing in the window of my house. So, once again, living in an apartment has saved me! No one can climb through
my window! Except for Spiderman...

Tea and biscuits make math way funner... so fun I stop paying attention to the math. Haha.

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