Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scott's girls and other girls

Everyone really needs to go read Scott Pilgrim and then buy it on DVD and turn it into a cult classic because that is what it deserves!

Envy Adams. She is so devastatingly sexy she's even sexy when drawn in black and white. She's also totally awful.

Stacey Pilgrim. She is Scott's kid sister and Scott is her little brother. That's just how it works. Gossip extraordinaire, she's calm cool and collected.

Ramona Flowers. She's cool because she's an emotionally distant New Yorker who doesn't have an age and is kinda chubby.

Knives Chau. So Knives is the every-girl, the teenager, the girl who doesn't quite know where she fits. And she'll fight to the death for Scott.

Kim Pine. Kim just doesn't care. She does her own thing and is a drummer and scrapbooks in the evenings, and that's just how she rolls. She hates the world and doesn't even care.

Julie Powers. Julie hates Scott but in the kind of way where there's nothing she loves better than following him around and scaring him. She's good at it.

I'm going to a college fair thing tonight... which I don't really care about... but it's at the Javits Center and I'll probably get dinner at Pret a Manger out of it, so whatever. Plus Dirty Hippie School will be there, yay!

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