Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Strangest of the Strange

The biggest baddest Farscape endeavors into the untried world of weird. It's an odd show to begin with and then their "weird" episodes come along and... well...

Season 1, Episode 17, Through the Looking Glass. Moya is trapped in multiple, rainbow dimensions

Season 2, Episode 4, Crackers Don't Matter. Oh, but they do.

Season 2, Episode 9, Out of their Minds. Poor Aeryn must watch Rygel in her body.

Season 2, Episode 15, Won't Get Fooled Again. Especially not when Rygel heads NASA.

Season 3, Episode 13, Scratch and Sniff. In which Mrs. Browder turns Jool into a drug for the space mob.

Season 3, Episode 16, Revenging Angel. Yes, this really did happen.

Season 4, Episode 7, John Quixote. The most perfect 43 minutes in the history of television.

Season 4, Episode 12, Kansas. Well, at least it was Halloween!

I keep thinking it's Friday. Oh well. Have a happy day-after-hump-day.

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