Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sci-fi Noir

This may be the tiniest little group of episodes in the world. If you can think of more sci-fi noir, then comment, cause it's something I looovve!

Triangle, X-Files. One of the funnest X-Files episode ever, cause Jeffery as a Nazi and rambling in German and Mulder in a teeshirt and Scully in a sexy dress... and of course the "I love you" at the end. ♥

Brown Betty, Fringe. Oh, Fringe. Really only Fringe could do this because only they have Walter. It was such a lovely episode. Astrid needs to sing all the time.

Noir, Smallville. I think this noir thing was even cooler on Smallville, because it captured Original Superman in the coolest way. Tom Welling needs to always have his hair like that, haha.

That's it then. Today we went to the German parade in Manhattan... then we had dinner out. YUM.

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