Sunday, September 12, 2010

My part-time lover, LotR

I spend the evening watching Lord of the Rings on TNT and drinking smoothies. (This having-a-blender thing will never, ever get old.) I have a very odd relationship with LotR. I am not a big fan of "epics" and therefore the plot often bores me. But at the same time I am a sucker for ALL THINGS MEDIEVAL so I am inexplicably drawn to the movies. I love Return of the King but I find The Two Tower lame. Gondor is my homeboy but Rohan is kinda stupid. And so one and so on and so on. I never know where I stand. But anyway. Here are some random things I love about LotR.

Arwen flopping on a rock for all eternity. Seriously though, this part in the book made me cry. And I liked the little taste of it we got in The Two Towers. It's really one of the sadder character fates ever.

THE EPIC SCORE. Enough said.

Eowyn and Faramir. My least favorite change in the movies was how they cut this entire romance out. It's kinda the best part of the books!!

Minas Tirith. I want to live in Gondor, it is soooo lovely.

The Legolas/Aragorn bromance. There are many bromance opportunities in these books, but this is by far my favorite.

The cool props. I've always wanted an Evenstar.

The Dead Army dudes. This was the coolest part of the movies, by far!!

Basically all I did today was read short stories and watch Lord of the Rings.

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guitargirl said...

LotR is one of the most awesome movies that has ever been made ever. :D