Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The perk of being a New Yorker willing to lose sleep

So obviously in the summer I have too much fun and forget to post. But worry not, I am too exhausted to ever do anything fun ever again. Or at least till Saturday. But for The Winter's Tale? It was worth it being exhausted and sleeping for three hours for two consecutive nights. Shakespeare at the Delacourt is always worth it.

As You Like It. 2005. My first Delacourt experience. To tell the truth, I can't remember it terribly well, but I love the play and I definitely remember loving it. The sets and costumes were magnificent, that much I can remember. And Rosalind was very likable- something hard for Shakespeare's heroines to be.

MacBeth. 2006. There are Hamlet people and there are MacBeth people. I am a MacBeth person. But this was probably the most disappointing of my Shakespeare experiences. It was lovely, and the acting was great, but what I love about MacBeth is the maniacal hysteria of it all, and this was probably the calmest MacBeth I've ever seen.

Midsummer's Night Dream. 2007. This one was excellent. It was a half-way musical, and complete magic, and they actually made Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetrius LIKEABLE! It was crazy, I was all happy for them. But the best part was Bottom's play at the end. The audience was laughing like like it was a pop comedy.

Hamlet. 2008. There are Hamlet people and there are MacBeth people. I'm a MacBeth person. But, I loved this one show obviously. Polonius was really great. But the best part was that for the play within the play, there was a giant puppet show, with these eight feet tall floaty puppets. It was so magical.

Twelfth Night. 2009. One of my favorite of his comedies. This one, honestly, was probably the most magical and encompassing of all the Public Theater productions I've seen. All the characters were charismatic, the acting, the sets were lovely, and it was a certified musical. I listen to the soundtrack regularly.

The Winter's Tale. 2010. My favorite Shakespeare play. Ever. It it an odd play though, one moment you are on the verge of tears, the next you're laughing. But it was beautifully put together, and the ending game me chills. Hermione is so
awesome, being a statue and stuff. Staging-wise, it was my favorite, all the random ghosts of Hermione and Mamillius... It being the most recent one I saw, I could say about seventeen more things, but I'll stop with, I loved it.

Oh, Winter's Tale, you slay me. Anyway, today work went surprisingly well despite my sleepiness. I did hit my head really hard in the walk-in freezer though. But Silvestro gave me a St. Anthony bread to take home and it was all good. X-FILES TONIGHT YAH BABY.

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