Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grecian Sandals: sandals, but kickass

You know what I haven't posted about in a really long time? And by that I mean only once, and it was almost last year? SHOES. I really like Grecian sandals.

I love Farscape so much, I'm going to cry when it's over. John/Aeryn are so cute, even when they fight and she doesn't tell him she's pregnant and he stomps off takes Noranti's drug to make him forget her... That's Farscape, soap opera in space. But with 100% more alien sex and Luxan vomit.
STARS IN THE SKY. This soundtrack is my jam right now, I can't stop listening!


Melissa said...

You are cruel and unusual for not including WHERE you found these sandals. I love love Grecian sandals and I NEED a pair this summer. Argh. *cries*

BTW, you like Greek stuff, no? The Goddess Athena? Why is she your favorite? I'm curious because I really like her too. But I'm a Hermes girl really. XD

Sabe said...

All these shoes are from Etsy!!
I've always loved Greek stuff, I guess it's one of those things that 11 years of homeschooling has done to me. Athena has always been MY goddess, and Kate has always been drawn to Artemis. I am just most like Athena. When I was four or five I dressed up like her for a Greek feast we had. Once again, those perks of homeschooling. (although maybe it did go too far, when i was reeeaaally little i'd *pray* to her, and i wrote greek fanfic when i was about seven...)

Brittany Ann said...

I literally LOL'ed at the idea of you praying to Athena as a kid! Wow. Homeschooling ftw.

All your posting about Farscape is making me wonder if I should watch it. Drama in space sounds good. There are pretty menz yes?

guitargirl said...

I don't like Grecian sandals for some reason, but I love sandals that lace up around your ankles. Weird. The word verification is "ancle" which is a lot like "ankle" only not.

Melissa said...

I actually DO write Greek myth fanfiction. Currently. Though, I like to call it a "retelling". It's a novel I've been working on for 7 years now. XD

Sabe said...

Melissa: Retellings are awesome. I wish I was a better writer, because I'd love to write myths.
Guitargirl: Word verifications are so weird, sometimes they are freakishly relevant.
Brit: Farscape is beautiful and full of COLOR, it's really the prettiest show I've ever watched. You might hate it though, lots of people I know hate it, you kinda have you rewire your brain while watching it.