Saturday, June 26, 2010

Six from Tumblr

I am exhausted and think I shall just post my last 6 liked images on Tumblr. Traladeladela.

Totally, we all need to feel that kind of freedom.

They are so cute, I wanna squish it.

Normally I don't fav stuff like this.. but it looked like ice cream.

Truth. I am on the hunt for one to marry.

I can sleep well tonight.

This was ridiculously true and funnny.

Today I got sunburned, my brother and cousin's team won a soccer tournament, I had coffee and coffee cake, I got 99 cent earrings, and I watched the first half hour of a bootleg Star Trek with Russian subs for the lulz.


Anonymous said...

The last one is my favorite!

You guys have the coolest collection of earrings, and I think you should do a whole post on them.

guitargirl said...

Haha! The last one is awesome. ;)