Monday, June 28, 2010

Enviromentalism, MY WAY.

I do not condone the 21st century consumerist upper-middle-class urban style of environmentalist. Instead of buying a new $80 organic cotton blouse, shop secondhand. And what do you think your individually packaged Whole Foods wild grown almond sampler is doing for the the world other than fill up landfills? So I try to conserve, as long as I can afford it and it doesn't take up too much time. We normal people have lives to live, so listen up park slope yuppies. Try actually CONSERVING for once, instead of just consuming.

Stainless steal bottles. My sister's carried this around with her for almost a year now. The amount of plastic (and money) she's saved is amazing. I bought one too recently, it's really an impactful habit.

One big thing our family does is go without AC in the summer. We only use it at night. Now this is more for saving money so we can eat out more (we really like eating out) but it still conserves lots of energy.

We use reusable bags or course. My Dad's done this for years now. (This spiffy one with gorgeous aliens on it is MINE.)

Most of the time at a fast food restaurant, I leave the lid and straw off the cup. You're just gonna throw it out anyway.

Recycle. I know this sounds simple, but I know so many people who don't.

If I'm are out and have to buy a drink, I try to buy it in a glass bottle (renewable), and then bring it home to recycle instead of tossing it in a NYC Park Department garbage can, where I doubt anything gets recycled.

I don't use plastic cups, nor does Katie. I used to use a glass Coke cup, but that broke, so I've been using an electric green plastic margarita cup I got as a party favor, because why waste it and buy a new one?

Don't buy anything individually wrapped just for convenience sake. Use plastic baggies, and then reuse those.

On that same train of thought, I try and bring fruit for snacks, which I can just toss in my bag, instead of something that needs packaging in the first place.

Drawing and writing and formatting and editing. Running your own magazine (albeit a sporadic one) is too much work. More ~X-Files~ tonight. Also, I have decided that when we're done with the Files, I'm gonna watch all the Doctor Who episodes with Five.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I agree with you 100% on everything!
On the note of using plastic bags instead of individually wrapped stuff...I use Tupperware! They are REALLY reusable, spill proof, and are dirt cheap!