Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In which I cross a line in geekdom and rec fic

I love fanfiction. It's my happy place. Although I have some rules for myself (I don't read AU, WIPs, R or "Adult" fics) I still manage to find lots of awesome stuff. Here are my 5 favorite fictions. There is some kissing and language but if you've ever seen a PG-13 movie, these ficlits are not going to scar you for life.

And Astoria takes the ring and throws her life, her name, her reputation, to the winds and smiles as she does it.
My favorite fic. It's so cannon in my head, I can't imagine Astoria any differently. Draco was wonderfully written, he's such a hard character to write; the entire Malfoy family is dangerous territory. But this fic was perfect and lovely and should be published. (3 chapters)

They don’t plan a lot for the last iCarly, even though Spencer spent six hours redialing the Woodland Park Zoo (trying to get a lion or “at the very least, man, a penguin. Can you not lend me one little penguin?”).
I have read more iCarly fic then any other fandom. It's a small fandom with only a few characters, so it's easy to weed out the bad ones. I love Seddie, but I never felt they were something that could happen on screen. I like how this fic is distanced from the show, but still hysterical and in character.

When she asks, Dani says “He’s a good cop” and “He’s my partner” and Davis wonders if she would have said the same thing about Jack Reese all those years ago.
Life fic is hard to find, I think I've read it all. (Including an X-Files crossover which I never finished because it made no sense.) Life fic has a tendency to be non-romantic because the show is so unromantic. This fic is just a great look into Davis' head: cannon, believable, beautiful.

Martha! You met Shakespeare. William Shakespeare. Surely you can go one night without washing your face, right? Right.
Three ficlits for the three companions of Ten. Rose's is beautiful, although more romantic then I imagined them to truly be. Donna's is hysterical, and Martha's is divine. The voice used in Martha's made my jaw drop. It was so accurate, I feel like it was in the show.

It had seemed an almost trivial thing to buy him, except she isn't sure she has anything trivial left when it comes to Mulder. There are fathoms to this, whole dimensions curled and folded between them.
The dialogue in this was spot on, which for the X-Files is pivotal, and the writing was beautiful, and it was romantic without being sexy or anything because Scully and Mulder are PRUDES. It's by the girl who did the Demons vid to Sufjan, so you know it's good.

I spent like an HOUR this morning putting St Anthony rolls in bags. So tired. I need coffee and meat and a nap. I love 90's music.

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