Friday, June 25, 2010

Delicate Neckweare

Today was not the Best Day Of My Life. I bordered upon Worst Day.
Anyway. I do not like clunky necklaces. Little chains with little pendants are good enough for me.

I like the droplet shape.

My complexion does not suit pearls, but they're my favorite stone.

I've been wanting a cross necklace for going on three years now. But I can never bring myself to spend the money.

Babiest necklace ever. Amy Pond wears an initial necklace that I adore.

Silver, like pearls, don't suit me, but it's sooo pretty!

Adorable the end.

I love the double chain.

I should start that history paper, but it seem kinda stupid starting a paper on a Friday. It can wait till Monday. By the time I post tomorrow The Big Bang will have aired in England. Moffet, I want one thing from you. No, two things. 1: Amy/Rory: happy ending. 2: River: Who is she?

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guitargirl said...

Ooo! Teh pretties! :D