Friday, June 18, 2010

Norah Jones, Americana music and fashion.

OMG TWO POSTS IN A DAY. Because I lost 3 days worth of posts this week, and I don't like that feeling of knowing it's June 18th, but I only have 15 posts. Also because I've done posts for Regina, Gaga, Alison Sudol, Cat Power, Bjork, the Duprees, Corinne, Kate Nash and Lily Allen... Considering Norah is one of my all time favorites, I think it's about time.

I love her simplicity.

She wears nice solids.

Once again, with the solid colors. I object to the popularity of patterns so she makes me happy.

She has this country-southern style without looking like a cowgirl or Taylor Swift.

She wears jeans a lot, something most musicians don't do, which adds to her Americananess.

Her photoshoots are simplistic and have beautiful warm colors.

She wears adorable dresses in concert.

She has a very outdoorsy-summer-party look.

Basically: cute dresses galore without being "cutsy."

Whenever I have a spare moment between German test I have been putting off, selling bread and taking naps, I've been viciously attacking True Girl. It's going okay, but my image and font selection is frighteningly narrow. :(

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Norah Jones is amazing.