Friday, June 11, 2010

The Keebler Elf

I love Keebler cookies. They are by far the best cookie brand. I don't really eat cookies anymore (ugh, being healthy, who needs it?) but when we were little and could pick a pack of cookies every Saturday, it was always Keebler. They're uber summery too, because we used to bring packs of them to the park. So behold, my seven favorite Keebler creations.

Double Stuffed El Fudge. I remember my mom went to a friend's house for a Bible study and brought a package of these and I was livid that I didn't get any.

Vienna Fingers. The old standby. The cookie for the masses.

Rainbow Chips Deluxe. These were my grandmothers favorite cookie. They are epic and you can eat the rainbow chips out.

Pecan Sandies. My little siblings hated nuts for the first few years of their lives, so there were a few dark and lonesome Pecan Sandiesless summers.

Peanut Butter Cups. The only peanut butter cookie in the world with actual peanut butter cups.

Grasshoppers. My dad has a bad habit of buying a box of these that he declares are his and his alone.

Deluxe Grahams. Put them in the freezer and then scrape the chocolate coating off with your teeth.

Today I need to do laundry, go to the gym, and do German translations and I really wanted to draw a bit and we have to pack for the weekend and there is definitely no time in there for a Farscape binge which sucks because tomorrow we're lending season 4 to the Dooleys who are moving to NJ.

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CSMD said...

Excellent post.
German and PR, so am I ...what are the odds?
ok I'm back at double stuffed E.L. FUdge.... like crack