Thursday, June 10, 2010

In which I post fanvids and sucomb to fandom

Because it was this or more pictures of pretty necklaces.
Because Fox/WB keeps taking down my favorites and making me cry.
Because not all fanvids are badly made manips to Kelly Clarkson songs.

Somebody Told Me by jems83.
Actually, the best Farscape video was to All These Things, but what do you know, they took it down. This one is pretty good though. Brandon Flowers' voice = Farscape.

Believe Again by erockfurnia.
This isn't a music video as much as an epic tribute to (guess who) Mulder and Scully. It's really pretty and makes you feel loved.

You Belong with Me by itsreallove2.
It's not artsy and it's set to TAYLOR SWIFT (who I hate) but I love it anyway. Because it's appropriate. And because it's Sam.

Loveology by quibblequill.
This song inhabits Harry Potter, and the video is lovely despite not-so-good sound and clip quality.

Not Only Human by erockfurnia.
This one is artsy, and it showcases everything I love about Livvy. (Hurry up and come back Fringe please?)

LOST, Lost by lolmrkite.
There are a few LOST vids set to this song, but this one is by far the best. It actually has a bit of a narrative.

I am officially in need of new fandoms. Lost, HP, X-Files and Farscape are all over. Time to move on I think...
Today I attempted formatting True Girl but I have nooo inspiration so it's going badly. Hard work and me are not friends today.

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Brittany Ann said...

Watch "Merlin"...Tumblr is satisfying all my fangirl needs for it. Although the slash fandom for it is super-annoying, of course.