Monday, June 14, 2010

Perfect World

So the 36 hours away from home felt more like five days. Yawn. 36 hours away from the internet felt like an eternity. Hello my love, I've missed you. Here are some adorable pictures. "In a perfect world..."

Unkle ft. The Black Angels, With You in my Head. More X-Files tonight, I miss mah Mulder. A Winter's Tale tomorrow, I've waited literally years for this moment. Up at 4am though...

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Anonymous said...

Did you REALLY have a hard time being away from the computer for 36 hours? Was the company of living breathing people not enough to suffice??? Oh no!!! :0). I wonder---what would happen to this current generation if---GASP---there was a nationwide blackout??? Oh well, I guess I felt that way about my cassette player back on the day :0).