Friday, June 18, 2010

What did you except? Roses and hearts and yotz?

Inspired by the Tropes theme on Picspammy this month. Check the spams out, they are amazing.
All those Epic Moments of Love ruined by The Powers That Be. (read: death, viruses, explosions, kidnappings, old curses coming to fruition.) This is a trope that really only happens in sci-fi/fantasy, because most sitcoms do not have occasion for their female lead to be cloned or frozen or something.

Farscape, Bad Timing. The episode title pretty much sums it up. John and Aeryn get engaged in a little boat, she tells him the baby is his, they're all happy and crying and stuff and BOOM. They're crystallized. Also let me point out that this was not a season finale. It was the SERIES finale. The fans had to wait literally years for The Peacekeeper Wars to come out.

The Empire Strikes Back. One of the most famous of these moments. Just when Han and Leia are getting on the same page, Lando has to go sell them out. "I love you." "I know." Then Han is carbon freezed and Leia has a nervous break down and little children in 1980 had to wait two years for their happy ending, but today you can just pop in the next disk.

Fringe, Over There. The trauma in this moment was a bit delayed, but that made it even worse. Olivia is all like, "You belong with me!" to Peter and everyone is happy. But then her evil double replaces her and no one notices and AltOlivia starts her infiltration and our lovely Livvy is in a bitty jail cell while AltWalter makes maniacal faces. We are still waiting to see what happens.

Fight the Future. "But you saved me! I owe you everything Scully, and you owe me nothing." They lean in to kiss and you're on the edge of your seat about to have a heart attack and... a bee carrying Purity Control stings her and Scully in knocked unconscious. Then in the aftermath of season 6, despite Scully being jealous of every other female in the world, they completely ignore it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. So they have an epic wedding and an epic kiss while killing epic sea monsters in an epic rainstorm and your heart is pounding a million times a second. And then he has to LEAVE and be a SEA GOD because of STUPID CURSES. And although the ending is optimistic, poor Elizabeth is pregnant, single and alone with no family to speak of and a marred reputation. Girl's gonna end up being a barmaid in Tortuga or something.

Doctor Who, Journey's End. Rose finally finds the Doctor and they are running towards each other while handling giant guns, and Donna and Jack are all smiling at the loveliness of it all... and then a Dalek shoots the Doctor. He manages to regenerate back into himself, but the "moment" has gone, and there's an awkward hug.

We only have 69 X-Files episodes left. Arcadia was hysterical. Despite how Scully whines to Mulder about how she wishes they could live "normal lives" in reality she would make the worst housewife ever.

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