Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of a year, end of a decade.

This was going to be an awesome post about the decade, but I've only lived through two decades, and I only really started listening to music and watching movies and DOING stuff in the 2000's, so that list would have everything from Point of Grace to Lady Gaga, and that's just too much of my life to canvas. So, it will just be a post remembering the year. Presenting, Things That Will Forever Be 2009 For Me.

UFO Sightings, Sufjan Stevens (Winter '09) Practically everything Sufjan does is wintery, and we began listening to him last January. UFO Sightings is one of my favorite songs by him and makes me feel very reminiscent.

Love That Boy, Innocence Mission (Spring '09) I think I had this song on repeat for the entire month of April, no lie. It's my favorite Innocence Mission song, and always makes me think of my birthday and DC trip because I listened to it in the car on the way down and up.

Starstruck, Lady Gaga (Summer '09) I decided I liked Lady Gaga thanks to this song, which I first heard thanks to Fringe. I listened to it non-stop all summer and never got tired of it. Seriously.

Coin Laundry, Lisa Mitchell (Fall '09) Thank you Binsybaby for posting about this song! I listened to it all October. I would put in on repeat on the laptop while writing my history papers (and reading Percy) in Pratt's cafeteria.

Life (Spring and Summer '09) I remember the PAIN I felt when it was officially canceled. I signed petitions, voted about 50 billion times on EW's Save One Show poll. One remains my favorite episode of any tv show. I'll miss Charlie and Dani and Tidwell forever.

The X-Files (Summer and Fall '09) So I'm about ten years late to the party, late is better then never. I've been waiting a long time to watch this show, ever since I was like 5. And it's more then just Mulder and Scully and aliens. It has Skinner and Pendrell and Flukemonsters!

Coraline (Winter '09) I read the book for the first time in February, and then my sister and I went to see the movie when it came out in March. I love Coraline in any incarnation, and it's always going to remind me of '09.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (Summer '09) After this movie was pushed back every day was a challenge, every day was one day closer. We saw it twice in theaters and listened to the soundtrack obsessively all summer and fall. I hope Hopper does the score for the next movies!

The Beckoning Road, Caroline Dale Snedeker (Spring '09) Do you know the feeling when you find out that your favorite book on earth, that book with a perfect ending, has a sequel? And then fear settles in but you're dying to read it anyway? Well, I found it and read it and it was perfect all over again.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Winnifred Watson (Summer '09) This book is a sparkling little treasure. I hate talking about books that way, but it's true, and it brightened my entire summer, just by existing.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan (Fall '09) These books are just charming. They're not epic and they're not Harry Potter, but you can't deny them their own place in the world of children's lit. I have a soft spot for mythos that these books fit right into.

Lois and Clark, Smallville (Spring - Fall '09) Finally, the OTP of the ages is together in harmony! Sure they'll break up about twenty times next season, but they always get back together, and that's what's so reassuring about Clois.

Annabeth and Percy, Percy Jackson (Fall '09) Annabeth isn't the most likable character, but I love her because Percy loves her. Their misconstrued hints to each other are adorable, and their ending is perfect. But beware their fanfic, seriously, don't go near that stuff.

Scully and Mulder, X-Files (Summer - Fall '09) I don't think you can describe them in a sentence. They're just amazing and adorable and will have been together for 18 years this March. That's true love people. "Sure. Fine. Whatever."

Washington DC Birthday Trip (April '09) I had a choice for my 16th birthday. A huge party like my sister had, $2,000 or a vacation. I picked vacation. My dad and I went to DC for 5 days, and I did whatever I wanted. I swam and went to the movies and ate too much and went to every museum I could fit in. It was amazing.

Homeschool Convention (May '09) This was just awesome. I got The Beckoning Road, I got hyped about school, and I finally got a peak at the Secret Sanctum Of Homeschool Moms. But to be honest it was a lot less exciting then I had once thought...

Twelfth Night at The Delacorte Theater (June '09) I went twice because I'm awesome, and because it was just. that. good. The music was especially spectacular, and we own the soundtrack. Getting to see Anne Hathaway preform where I met her two years prior was amazing.

Getting a job at Moretti Bakery (August - the present '09) This totally changed my year. I got out more, I made money, I started waking up at 5am. And for the first time ever, I fell behind in school. Oops.

Also this year I've fallen in love with Howl Pendragon, Foxy Smulder, Percy Jackson, Draco Malfoy, Prince Naveen, Matthew Goode, Kelly Blatz, Spencer and Freddie, Josh Jackson and Carey Grant. Not in that order. It's been a good year, no?

Good grief, this took me almost an hour to do. Yawn. Off to do nothing until midnight.


Sabe said...

well, I thought this was a purty epic post.

Anonymous said...

GREAT post! it sparked wonderful thoughts and good memories. Here's to a brand new year!