Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Band-Aids, whatever

The band-aid industry is a weird one indeed. Here are some of the stranger band-aids I have found.

Pirate band-aids. For you Meagan, to go with your mug.

Nothing like matching Hello Kitty people for your ailments.

More of that bacon phenomenon.

I always got ones like these when I got my shots as a kid. And the boys got Spiderman. Sexists.


This one pwns, and I want to wear one all the time.

North and South tonight! Best costume drama/mini series ever, cause you know, it has mad conflict and angst. And also Richard Armitage. Bleak House was really angsty and awesome too, (And it has Scully and Sally Sparrow) but it's like 9 hours long and who has time for that?
Not me.

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