Wednesday, December 23, 2009

O! good God! or, Scully's dog dies.

Soo, you know how I did those two Smallville picspams which were very funny thank you very much? Today I'm doing one for the X-Files, for Quagmire. This picspam will be light on plot though, so don't expect to understand what's going on. Ready, set, go.

"Don't the characters introduced before the credits usually die?"
Then prepare to get dead.

"You woke me up on a Saturday morning and I came cause I like you and everything but this better be good."
Come on hon, you know him better then that.


"People who believe in aliens and sea monsters and ghosts are stupid and dumb and fake scientist. Also frogs are important."
Awkward. Something tells me you'll be dead before the end of these 43 minutes.

"We look good with this umbrella, don't we?"
Is it even raining in this scene?

"People who DON'T believe in aliens and sea monsters and ghosts are stupid and dumb and fake scientist."
Still awkward, although you might make it through this episode alive.

"Now two people are dead, but people die all the time. And I still don't believe you, and it's still not actually raining, so put away the umbrella Mulder."
But you look pretty with it!

"I am the sheriff here! And although three people are now dead, I don't believe you even more then your partner doesn't believe you."
You're having a bad day Mulder.

"Ah! It tried to eat me! I believe you!"
Seeing is believing.

Oh, look it's Scully's dog who the creepy old psychic gave her and who she gave a bath too in that episode with the cockroaches.

"I'm going to walk my dog alone in the dark where the monster lurks, but don't bother coming, I'm fine."
And Mulder is all like, sure, fine, whatever, I'm busy.

Don't go walking alone in monster infected woods and your dog won't die.

"Blah, blah, blah, man up and listen to this FBI smart people stuff."
Way to be insensitive Mulder, her oddly named dog just died.

"Why am I on a boat in the middle of the night? Why am I here? Why am I still working with you?"
Cause you love him. Now shut up and do your job.

"Kapow, randomly shoots water"
Intense fear and fighting off of sea monsters while stuck on a rock ensues.

"Mulder we are stuck on a rock, stop insulting my dogs name. Moby-Dick happens to be the great American novel."
Near death experiences are supposed to bring people together.

"Lol, lol, guess what Mulder! You're totally like Ahab cause you're crazy and obsessed with aliens and cause chances are you're going to get everyone close to you killed one day (meaning me.)."
I'm still trying to figure out whether this is a compliment or not.

"Omg! I am okay with that because I love peglegs!! You can be Starbuck because you're my best friend and also because you pray a lot. I'll try not to get you killed and none of this is flippant."
Mulder, you must have had one screwed up childhood.

"Yay we're saved! See Scully, I haven't gotten you killed yet."
This is where lots of important stuff happens. Yawn.

"Kapow. I killed an alligator and this is anti-climactic."
Maybe next time you'll be right.

"Sorry Ahab. But this is still a good thing because that alligator ate like 7 people. "
Now they'll go home and Skinner will read the report and roll his eyes at the massive amount of Federal money they just wasted to kill a gator.

Especially because Nessie is still out there. (No, not
that Nessie.) <-Hollar if you got that joke.

I was too lazy to clean, color or fix these screen caps. I didn't even "enhance" them.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE you picspam! You should TOTALLY do a Lost one!

Sabe said...

i'm planning to picspam the new season! :)