Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cupcakes: Holiday Edition!

I already had a cupcake post waaay back in July or whatever, but some people make the cleverest cupcakes during the holiday season.

All I wanna know is if the snowflake is eatable.

This one is a total cutie. And it actually looks yummy too.

Nothing will get you in a holiday spirit like eating a reindeer.

(Stoled from Wishful Vintage)

This is such a hipster cupcake.

I'm obviously really into these snowflake ones.

These are so detailed, it makes me sad to think someone ate them.

I'm listening to Precious Game by Capra, my new favorite song.
And we have BBC America now, hallelujah amen, although I swear Fios internet is slower then Cable. They lie.
Last of all, my sister is DONE with COLLEGE until JANUARY. This means a month of Foxy Smulder and his Scully, a month of late nights and Yogi tea, and month of no finals and no Professor Sparr. Let me reiterate with a hallelujah amen!


Anonymous said...

YEAH for Katie!!!! it sounds like things will be calm for a while over there :D.
YO! Doctor who is one:
December 19-Waters on Mars
December 26- part 1 on the final ep
on BBCA. Tell me if you are going to watch it and if you do i will call you the day after and we can discuss.

Sabe said...

lol, we are going to be in boston on the 26th... so we'll miss it!