Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ten fanarts, ten fandoms

What the title says. And as always with fanart posts... Click the pics to see them fullsize.

Howl and Sophie, burdge-bug.
Just finished this book and I still haven't recovered from it's amazingness! This is like one of five fanarts on DA that are bookverse instead of movieverse. Also I dumped Naveen for Howl.

Singing in the Rain, The-Closet-Menace.
Re-watched this movie on the way up to Boston last week, fell in love with Gene Kelly all over again.

Eloise and Widmore, Buuya.
Lost's biggest problem is that the minor characters are always WAY more interesting then the main characters. Oh well.

Sonny and Chad, DKCissner.
Chad giving Sonny (another) autographed photo of himself. Really Chad, really?

Eilonwy, HarperJade.
Why do these books get no love? They're awesome! But there's no fandom, no fanfic or fanart, and all we have is that really bad Disney movie of The Black Cauldron. Phooey.

Invincible, burdge-bug.
Yup, more Percy Jackson. The Last Olympian was pretty epic.

Padme and Ani, LynnOnline.
I don't really like them much, but this picture is so cute! The second movie did have it's moments.

Michael and Delysia, Fullmetalpyrate.
I loved this books so much, and the movie was so awesome too! Everyone needs to go read Miss Pettigrew!

Charlie Crews, thecosmicdancer.
My little fruit loving Charlie! This is the ONLY piece of Life fanart on DA that isn't a photo college.

Isi, spicysteweddemon.
I want to buy a copy of The Goose Girl illustrated by her.

I am enjoying an entire day doing absolutely nothing. At all. Now leave me alone so I can get back to wasting time.

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