Thursday, December 17, 2009

Everything i want to say (part 2)

Quoting myself from my last entry of this title, "This is dedicated to everything I want to post about, but don't actually have enough to say about to merit an entire post." Exactly.

I love this macro so much, but by the time I found it the Kanye meme was completely over-used. *Pours salt on old wounds.*

We got our Swiss Colony order, and Christmas can start now. Petit Fours,

(I thought this was funny. Don't judge.)

I'm still on a seemingly never-ending Capra kick. Listen to them, cause they're good. Then join their facebook group, cause they're hysterical!

And we're back in business! This is going to be me on the couch every night from now on. Only replace Queequeg with Lady Jane.

If it wasn't for Yogi tea, I don't know if I could survive. Their Bedtime Tea must be full of some serious dark magic.

Today has been one of those day that you want to start all over again, and do it right. Six hours of work and catching up on school and a homeschool group meeting and babysitting tonight and I think if I had had tea this morning and some protein I'd be a much happier person. Now I gotta get my lump-of-a-self outta this chair and off the computer, cause I'm burning daylight.

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