Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Guess We Say "Happy Holidays" For A Reason

Because The Holiday Season is way more complex and crazy then just the 25th of December... Here are a few of the most popular holidays, but if you'd like to know more, here is a complete list of winter holidays.

Saint Nicholas Day. A traditional German holiday, and basically the beginning of Santa Claus. We eat German food and get presents in our shoes, like Disney movies, yay!

The Epiphany. We often have our Quintero Christmas Party on The Epiphany, but when we don't my mom makes rice and beans and we get little gifts in shoe boxes.

Hanukkah. It's always depressed me that we never celebrated Hanuka, but we aren't the tiniest bit Jewish. Houses decorated for Hanukkah are always so beautiful, with the blue lights.

Kwanzaa. It's colorful, and lots of excellent picture books have been made about it. I actually don't know much about it, but all the more reason to celebrate.

New Years Eve. It's like the shiniest, loudest holiday of the year, and the only one where you get to stay up all night and eat potato skins. There isn't a wrong way to celebrate.

New Years Day. Yes, these are separate holidays, thank you very much. New Years Eve is spent parting and reminiscing. New Years Day is spent sleeping and moaning of times long gone.

Winter Solstice. Best celebrated with much hearty and warm food to warm the soul. Its the feast of the re-birth of the sun, because from then on, things only get better! It's also Egyptian.


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hey there. I like your blog-it's the perfect example of someone talking about what they want. which is the purpose of a blog. good job.
I don't really know you but I thought I'd let the writer know that.