Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have yet to go all "Harry" on you

So now I am. I, like every other person in the world, love Harry Potter. I've got a Slytherin scarf and the hardcover boxed set in the trunk, I've been to a Harry and the Potters concert and it's probably partially thanks to J.K. Rowling that I've decided to major in psych. And next Friday my sister and I are hosting the Harry Potter release party, where we'll eat a Hogwarts feast and watch Half-blood Prince and drool over Draco. But here is my point: it's less then a year till Deathly Hallows: Part I comes out!

I can't wait to see Helena Boham Cater play Hermione. That'll be epic.

Bill and Fleur's wedding, her dress is gorgeous.

Soo, Ginny and Grindelwald are dating irl.

Poor spliced Ron. And ew Hermione, wash your hands.

Shell cottage is beautiful!

Random walking.

Not-so-random running.

Eeps, I can't wait! Anyway, I am so tired right now, and have so much school. Snore. The Missouri Compromise just doesn't hold my interest.

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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!