Friday, December 4, 2009

It's about the Presents.

I've ordered some Christmas presents, finally! I love buying presents! And wrapping them! And giving them! (And also unwrapping and reviving my own, but right now I'm trying to pretend to be a gracious anti-materialist, haha.)

Every year I delude myself into believing that I'm going to make my own paper and cards. It never comes to be though.

Wrapping things in blue is my personal favorite.

Once again, as much as I'd like to make homemade cards, I'm lazy.

Paper like this is awesome! I want to buy some at Lion in the Sun this year.


I wish all our gifts were wrapped this elegantly, but they aren't. In our defense, we have a million gifts each year, so it'd take the entire month to wrap them all this nice.

Fringe last night was pretty cool. So what, Peter can now speak German, Arabic, Cantanese and French? Wow dude, wow.

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