Tuesday, December 15, 2009

iCan't draw iCarly, but this girl can.

This girl is a bit of an iCarly fanart genius.

I love Sam and Carly's relationship for the same reason I love Harper and Alex. They really shouldn't be friends, they have nothing in common, they hardly even like each other, but they've been friends for soo long it doesn't really matter.

Benson and Puckett as Green Lantern and Black Canary. Sexy boots there Sam, try not to shock Freddie to death please.

I need to get a LJ just to ask this girl how she colors, they're so muted and amazing!

Click to see it full. 'Cause there is a whole story going on here. Poor Freddie, you are NEVER going to get the girl, you might get the other one though. If you try...

I like how she draws Socko, and especially how she dresses Socko. I want to steal all his hoodies.

I can't remember in what episode they buy the trampoline.. I think it's the one where Sam gets a job. Either way, this piece is CUTE.

Now please enjoy Seddie in,
Medicine Vs. Garbage. No seriously, watch it. I'm daring you to. If you like it, then watch Seddie + Spencer in Hats Vs. Nuts Vs. The Moon.
In other news, I officially dumped Carey Grant and Mulder for Prince Naveen. He's such a GQ.

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Manga said...

Nice pics. :) Where'd you find them?