Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dreams Do Come True In New Orleans

I think I could talk about this movie all day, so I'll keep my comments short.
#1. Prince Naveen blew Shang and Phoebus out of the water when it comes to looks. He was adorable, charming, and actually had a personality. (I'm looking at you Prince Charming.) Some people didn't like it, but I loved his vague Indian/Middle Eastern/Spanishish heritage.
#2: The songs were not disappointing, and the art direction was beautiful, it was seriously art deco.
#3: The animation was soft and beautiful, very Beauty and the Beast and Lion King inspired, which is awesome, cause that's my favorite style.
#4: I love that Lottie wasn't evil, and that the villain was really creepy and fun.
#5: It was really romantic, time was given to develop Tiana and Naveen's relationship, and they spent almost the whole movie together. (I'm looking at you Cinderella and Snow White.)

#51/2: Tiana and Naveen are officially the hottest Disney couple. Stay sexy, sexys.

Tina and Naveen being ~romantic~ and ~in love~

Beautiful Tiana concept art.

So, Port Orleans Riverside needs to open a restaurant, Tiana's Palace, and there should be character dinners where you can meet Tiana and Naveen and Lottie and Big Daddy!

Such awesome supporting characters! I love Big Daddy!

It was such a beautiful, beautiful movie... *sighs*

Aww, Mama Odie! Although, she must not have much power vested in her, because Naveen and Tiana had to get married twice.

Thank you David Kawena for this. Despite your creepiness. And click to full-view, cause it's pretty.

I am in such a good mood, it's crazy. The last three days have been fun-packed and insane. So go see it, now. Like, now.

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