Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas: tv addict style

It's nearing Christmas, so everything in my life has to be soaked in holiday cheer. Including my tv choices. Sure we own like 15 Christmas movies, but when you want to surround yourself 24/7 with Christmas, you need a few more options. Which is why tv shows have Christmas episodes. Yup.

Lexmas, Smallville. And so, my massive soft spot for Lex/Lana comes out. I still firmly believe that this beautiful, sparkling, Christmassy world exists in some alternate time-line. This may be my favorite Christmas episode of any tv show. Their kids were adorable of course, and it was just so sad! Lex should always be a middle-class dad.

The Man in the Fallout Shelter, Bones. My bff and I had a Bones/Life watch off because we are competitive and crazy, and this was one of the episodes she had me watch. It was all full of Christmas Spirit, the music was awesome, Angela was hysterical. And the case was sad in a good way.

The Christmas Invasion, Doctor Who. Our first look at David Tennant as The Doctor, and he's rude and not ginger! Pretty much, on Doctor Who, London gets destroyed every Christmas. I would think they would have given up re-building, no? It's a fun episode, and has much holiday cheer, and Harriett Jones is in it.

iChristmas, iCarly. So it's just another stereotypical, run-of-the-mill, It's A Wonderful Life parody. But I love anything that has to do with Spencer's utter lack of judgment, and it just makes me really happy. Also, he's a lawyer, duh! And Sam in prison was an odd, yet truthful touch.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, X-Files. Mulder catches wind of a ghosts story and wants to investigate. On Christmas Eve. Scully begrudgingly comes along. Exciting things happen, they almost die, and it ends with Christmas morning in Mulder's apartment. But we never find out what they bought each other.

Black Friday, Life. Black Friday begins the holiday season. There are Santas and elves and a dead guy in a Christmas display. Yet absolutely no Christmas cheer, in an ironic way. And Charlie buys Dani sunglasses and Tidwell buys her a fish, and she doesn't appreciate either one. And by Tuesday, I could be saying this to you in Dutch.

The Constant, LOST. This episode has very little to do with Christmas actually. But it takes place on Christmas Eve, and there's a Christmas tree and it's just the best episode of LOST ever. Romantic and perfect. Only the time travel really doesn't hold with the rest of the season(s), but I can overlook the weak sci-fi for the sake of Desmond's happiness.

Come on people, get your Christmas grooves on! Also tonight I watched a Pushing Daisies episode (which has nothing to do with Christmas), and it made me happy. My hot chocolate made me happy too.


Sabe said...

Ahem this is an amazing post because beautiful people are in it!

And also my two favorite tv shows, Life and the X-Files, are featured in it. (Sorry LOST, you were fired.)

This post is deserving of a comment.

Justin said...

Your top two shows needs more of The Wire and Battlestar Galactica, IMO.

Also, The Constant is a pretty fantastic Lost Episode.

Sabe said...

Battlestar is pretty awesome! I haven't seen all the episodes, but my mom adores it. Never seen The Wire though.