Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Four Movie: SAD

I shall do the sad movies first. I'll do happy ones tomorrow.

My Boy Jack, a movie about Rudyard Kipling's son. My favorite actress ever, Carey Mulligan was in it. It made me like Daniel Radcliffe. It was
good. But it was also depressing. Sad. Made you depressed and sad.

House of Mirth. It's based on one of my
favorite books by Edith Wharton. It's a seriously pretty film, Gillian Anderson is awesome in it, so is Eric Stoltz. But of course, no one is happy in the end. And there is much death and tears. Prepare yourself.

Finding Neverland. It has Johnny Depp, pirates and cute children. It has Peter Pan! But it's a real life story, and those often end very badly. This was the first movie I saw that made me cry real tears.

The Fountain is a weird movie. A really weird movie. It's beautiful and has an amazing soundtrack, and the story is magical (albeit confusing.) It's really sad, in a hopeful way. It makes you want to cry positive tears. Does this make sense?

Good night all ya'll. Work at 6am tomorrow! But it's worth it. I get paid
, see?

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