Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Underused Color

Last night at a birthday party one of my friends was wearing the most beautiful green dress... And I realized that green is a very underused color when it comes to dressy stuff. I actually found a whole article about how green is the least used color at events like the Oscars. So here are some of my favorite green dresses.

Christina Hendricks at the Emmy's.

Evangeline Lilly at the Golden Globes

Kiera's famous dress from Atonement.

Kirsten Dunst walking her dog in LA.

My girl Selena at the premiere of Disney's Tinkerbell movie.

I am drinking Yogi Throat Comfort tea. The bag says, "Dignity and tranquility last forever." Also I just finished reading Moby-Dick, which I loved. Starbuck was awesome. He said things like "Good God forbid!" and "Avast, thou liest!" He's cool. Now I feel Nantuckety. Time to re-read the epic Dencey and Jetsam saga.


Anonymous said...

I love Kiera's dress. It is SO pretty.

Anonymous said...

BTW did you see peoples new special issue? Its a whole issue dedicated to icarley! when i saw it i though of you :D