Monday, August 31, 2009

I Still Can't Run In Pumps

I just can not. People do it all the time on tv. Lois can do it. Scully can do it. Actually, all you have to do is go to Grand Central during rush hour. Every business woman between the age of 20 and 60 is running and shoving and bouncing in heels. I can't. How does one learn such things? I've read that one needs to wear heels around the house for a month. That, I'd imagine, should do it.

I have a pair which bares much resemblance to this one. Only mine are not open toed.

I think these are very pretty, but any woman who'd force her foot into it must be deranged. I don't understand the concept of heels, why do we do it?

These though, look wearable. Question. Why put the pretty pattern on the inside? No one can see it.

These are rather nice. Although I think the pink is a bit much, I am fond of the bow.

This shoe is actually rather ugly. I am posting it because I think it bares a rather hilarious resemblance to a dead fish. Do you see it? Yes? Good.

Well, goodbye. I did my first full school day today. I wanted to paint for a while but that will have to wait. We have a severe lack of surface area in my home.


Donna O said...

The real reason they can run in these pumps is because they have spent $500 on those lovely shoes. Steve Madden is nice and all, but put on a pair of Jimmy Choos or Gucci's at $600 and then you'll be running in heels too :0)!

Pardon me for drooling on your blog :0)!

Anonymous said...

i can run in heels! Not for a long period of time, but its still considered a run.
and i agree with the last pair. Those are some ugly shoes!