Friday, September 18, 2009

XKCD: The Merch (plus a tiny fringe rant)

I've been a casual fan of XKCD for a while now, but only yesterday did I check out their kickin' merchandise!! And before I show you some of this merch, let me say that if I could pick one thing from our modern culture to put in a time capsule for future generations, it might be XKCD comics. They are so 21st century.

Shirts like this make me wish desperately I was a science geek. I want to be one of them!

They sell packs of "Actual Size" stickers in varied sized for all your belongings.

Just Say No To Raptors.

You've probably seen this saying everywhere, but it originated from XKCD.

Make sure you click this to see this clever poster full-size. And this map has everything! Flickr, DeviantArt, LastFM, LJ, Myspace, Xanga... The Wikipedia Project... The Sea of Memes!!

Anyway. Fringe last night was awesome. I so knew Nina was in love with Agent Broyles, and they better not shut down Fringe for an extended period of time or it'll just gets confusing, and either Amy was just a badly written character, or she's a boring double agent. And, Charlie! NOOO! Also, Mulder was on my screen, even if just for like 3.2 seconds or something.
Lastly, both Olivia and Scully have taught me something very important. When I create my living will, I must make it very clean to NEVER take me off life support, even if I look as dead as a door nail. Even if I was hurtled out of an alternate universe/poked and prodded by aliens and am now in a brain dead state does not mean all is lost!

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