Friday, September 25, 2009

My Bitter Sarah Connor Post

Alright, I've been wanting to do a bitter Sarah Connor post for a while now, but today has relevance, so I'll do it today. Today is Dollhouse's second season premiere, while it really should have been Sarah Connor airing tonight. *gripe* At least there's a campaign going for a tv movie. It'll never happen, but we need to make Fox feel guilty. Because I lost 3 tv shows last year I have learned my lesson. This year, I'm not watching anything new. Sure Flash Forward looks cool, as does V and Glee looks funny, but I couldn't stand desperately checking the Renew/Cancel Index at TVbtn, signing endless petitions and hoping for a miracle. Television executives need to realize that people care about these character... leaving us hanging is agony! Ahem. Anyway. Sarah Connor.

This is Sarah, who is like a role model for anyone who ever dreamed of beating people up. But she's a very bad mother. She burns pancakes and gets people killed. She is the queen of straight faces.

This is John, who I just love. I wanna hug him and squish him and say everything's gonna be okay! (Even though it won't be.) Also, Christian Bale in the role of my bb John is blasphemy. I'll never watch T:4. Ever.

This is Cameron, who is amazing of course. She's broken, so I she's starting to feel, and also dying at the same time. We'll never know what happens to her. She kills butterflies, wears kick-ass boots and walks around in a bra.

This is Catherine Weaver. If I could pick anyone as a body guard, it might be her. She tries SO HARD to be human, but she fails miserably.

This is Savanna Weaver. She sings old Scottish songs and her best friend is a robot.

This is Ellison, an FBI agent. He tries very hard to understand what's going on, but Sarah lies to him and Catherine lies to him. So he doesn't know anything. One of the coolest things about him is that he was a Christian. And not a weird one, just a regular Christian.

This is Cromartie. He's actually three characters, all of which are amazing. John Henry is like one of the best tv characters ever. He plays with toys and doesn't understand God.

This is Derek Reese and Jesse. Derek is John's uncle and Sarah's unofficial brother-in-law. He dies. Oh well. And Jesse is Derek's girlfriend. She came from the future, had a miscarriage and dies. Oh well.

It ends on such a cliff-hanger I don't like even thinking about it. And you know,
it was also probably the least colorful show ever. I took place mostly in offices and back alleys and the Connor's very grey house and their clothes was always neutral tone. It was a sad, drab little show. But it was a good show. *weep*


Ben Weaver said...

Oh, bother. This is how I feel too.

Anonymous said...

Flash Forward was a great show. Kinda lost-ish but nothing like it (if you know what i mean).
I am sorry all your shows were canceled. I know how you feel.