Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ode To An Oven

Ode To An Oven
By Sarah Diehl

Well, we were ovenless for over three months.
Even though it was summer, it was still really tough.
Cause I adore baking, even in the heat,
Homemade meatloaf and cookies you simply can't beat.

We finally fixed it, just in time as well.
It was chilly today, the temperature fell!

In time for Michaelmas I can now bake,
Roast chicken and tarts, not store bought and fake.

Every night this week my mother and I will prepare
Meals like Baked Ziti and Pot Pie, Katie beware!

You see Christmas is coming and Autumn is here!
My need for an oven, am I making it clear?

Without one you're left during the cold months alone,
Without biscuits and hot meals filling your home.

Without cookies and blondies to accompany tea,
Without warm pies, cakes and loaves, where would we be?

So ends my ode to the all-mighty oven,
They keep us warm in the winter, provide treats by the dozen!

Well, that was fun. Now I have to get back to real life (eg: school and stuff.) But I just had five cookies, two cups of coffee and a spent good half hour goofing online, so I am fully prepared to face the rest of my schoolwork! Government next!


vintagegurl92 said...

you are truly amazing! is there anything you cant do?

donna o said...

OH! OH! OH! Sarah...the foods looks so unbeLIEVEably yummy! This was awesome and I am going to link to this on my blog. All 50 people that go to my blog shall see the "Ode to an Oven". Secretly I think there are only 5 people that visit my blog over and over again in the same day!

Sabe said...

well mrs o, you still have me beat! i think five people visit my blog daily, which is probably mostly made up of you and meagan.

vintagegurl92 said...

same with my blog! i think truly the only people who see it is you and kaite, and maybe 2 other people! But who cares! i really created it for me!