Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coffee Shop and whaaatnot

Nothing like a coffee shop. Nothing like dropping $8.50 on a small cappuccino and a cookie. Nothing like those apathetic coffee shop girls with thick-rimmed glasses, aqua highlights and strategically placed wrist tattoos which are so nicely showcased while serving iced coffee beverages. Nothing like wasting an hour drinking tea, staring at other people who are wasting hours and drinking tea. Oh yes, nothing like a coffee shop.

This is Ozzie's in Park Slope. There are two of them actually, and they have really good stuff. Not that expensive either... considering. And they had a tiny used bookstore in the back.

Connecticut Muffin, also in Park Slope. There are five Connecticut Muffins, three of which I've been to. My favorite is the one on Prospect Park West, right near the Pavilion theater, but I usually end up at the one on 7th. Sure it's called Connecticut "Muffin," but try their ginger cookies.

This is Mr. Bean's, in Honsdale PA. I went there while visiting a friend. It was oddly "hip" considering it was in a small town in the middle of nowhere. And the Americano was really good. They had the nicest outdoor seating too.

Starbucks. Nothing like a commercialized coffee shop. There are like... 5,000,000 of them in NYC. I don't think I have a favorite. Most recently I've discovered the wonders of green tea frapps and grapefruit Izzies.

Bouchon Bakery. It's more of a place to get lunch then really a coffee shop, but I love it too much to leave out... even though I've only been their once. But, um, their coffee? Probably the best I've ever had. Ever.

So, Bagel Boy in Sheapshead Bay isn't exactly a Mecca for Hipsters, but their coffee is good, their bagels are great and it's so happy.

It was going to pour today, so we canceled our plans of going to Long Island. Now it's not raining. Stupid weather man. Fringe tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Connecticut Muffin rules. There ginger cookies are the best i have ever had.
Beans! I feel honored to have it featured on your blog. I like how oddly out of place it is in our town. I like to go there and hid from reality.
Starbucks rocks. Need i say more.