Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heck Yes Fringe Bring It On!

It's back tonight on FOX at 9pm! Tune in to see the awesome!

See how pretty it is?

This very attractive bus ad is everywhere. Yesterday morning on the way to work I took a bus with this on it. That made me happy.

Anna Torv plays Olivia, an FBI agent, Mark Valley plays Olivia's boyfriend and partner, who dies. Anna Torv and Mark Valley met on set, and got married a year later. Is that adorable (and random) or what? They didn't even announce it or anything. On day Mark Valley gave an interview, he was wearing a wedding ring, they asked and he told them. I find it all very romantic.

This show had Joshua Jackson in it. Which is why you should watch it obviously.

The cast is way awesome.

But come on, I watch it for reasons other then an attractive cast!! The plot is awesome! It's all sci-fi, but it's not just about random unexplained phenomena, it's about
alternate reality. Something that isn't explored nearly enough. I can obviously not have a picture of alternate reality above these comments, because it is a concept, not a thing, so here, have a picture of a baby Observer!

That is it. Watch Fringe. The end.
I need to go do school now. And take some more Migraine Relief. I threw up the ones I took this morning. Being sick is disgusting.


vintagegurl92 said...

Josh Jackson= Awesomeness

donna o said...

He was so cute in Mighty Ducks...wasn't he also on Dawson's Creek> My sis loved that show. I am too old to appreciate his awesomeness---that would be just creepy but I can say he is adorable in a Zac Efron kind of way (sad to say i am no fan of Zac but again, he is adorable).