Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's in your bag?

My dear friend Wishful Vintage took a picture of all the stuff in her purse. So I am following her example. Behold, my stuff. (Please excuse my laziness. I didn't feel like bothering to color correct the pictures...)

My bag, which is on the verge of falling apart, but it's my favorite.

My very important Advil, which I keep with me at all times, my very boring pocket mirror which does it's job well and cream to stay moisturized.

My kickin' Mickey wallet, from Tinker Bell's Treasure Shop in The Magic Kingdom!

My #1 necessity... BLISTEX. Can't live with out the stuff. Then also mints and my keys, which I suppose are also very important.

My awesome red Samsung phone, which totally slides open with a key pad, but I forgot to picture it like that. And also my cool case which keeps it safe.

My Zune!! I love my Zune muchly, and behind it is it's case, which good ol' Wishful Vintage made for me.

I spend the afternoon/evening at an awesome block party. I ate too much food, got really wet, broke my favorite bracelet and spend most of the time with the coolest kid ever, Abby! Who, despite being 11, is the awesome. Then again, she is related to Peter, so it is to be expected.


Anonymous said...

Dont tell me you broke your thread bracelet!?! That would be so sad.
I also feel very flattered that you got this from my blog! It lets me know that people actual read it :D

Sabe said...

lol actually my thread bracelet fell off about six weeks ago, in early July. It was my silver one that broke. :(