Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some seriously garish rings

Garish rings are funny. So, so funny.

You know you want this ring. It's fandom!garish, and therefore not quite as bad.

It was always disappointing when you got these ugly, (smelly) rings in party bags and pinatas instead of much candy.

Can't get much fuglier then a bedazzeled Hello Kitty ring.

These next ones aren't quite so bad, but still, I'd never put this on my finger.

I had one of these in black once. I turned my finger green and broke.

This one is seemingly attractive enough. But it
opens. Rings are not supposed to open. There should be a law about that or something.

Right-ho. I am so totally saying up late tonight- no work tomorrow! School though, but I can start that at 11 and by done 6.

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